Deep Memories 2023 (from Left to Right):

Douglas Martins - Guitar/Vocals;
Ney Paulino - Drums (Desdominus, Wtihbood);
Rodrigo Pereira - Guitars, (Desdominus, Ex. Bloody);
Adriano Justino - Bass (Desdominus, Mortage, Warmoured, Ex. Brutal Hate)


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DEEP MEMORIES - Suffocating Grayish Darkness [Live 2023]

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DEEP MEMORIES - Why Do We Suffer? [Video Clip 2022]


DEEP MEMORIES - Why Do We Suffer? [2022] - Full album on YouTube

DEEP MEMORIES - Please, Do Not Close The Coffin! [Lyric Video 2022]

DEEP MEMORIES - Rebuilding the Future [2018] - Full Album on YouTube

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