DEEP MEMORIES is Douglas Martins - All Instruments and Vocals

“One man, many feelings…” This sentence synthesizes DEEP MEMORIES identity.

Formed in 2016 by multi-instrumentalist and producer Douglas Martins, DEEP MEMORIES is a “One Man Band” that had an exponential rise, consolidating itself as one of the main names in Brazilian Doom-Death Metal due to its sonority originality and its melodic complexity - songs with heaviness, mixing aggression and beautiful guitar duets, well-matched keyboards and screamed, guttural and clean vocals.

Douglas Martins was born in Americana, São Paulo and is a very know person of the Brazilian metal scene. Between 1996 and 2005 he was part of DESDOMINUS (Melodic Death/Black Metal band) as guitarist and vocalist and also was part of the line-up that recording the very 1st album “Without Domain” released in 2003.

After a hiatus in his musical career, Douglas Martins returned with DEEP MEMORIES through the release of an EP in July 2018 by the Brazilian record labels Heavy Metal Rock and Misanthropic Records. This EP, with two songs (1000 print run - Format: CD Jacket) was entitled “In Too Deep...”. was offered free during some metal concerts in Brazil, sent by mailing packages and also was gave by hand in hand to key specialized media during some weeks. This action brought great visibility, making it possible to sign contracts for a worldwide release of its debut album.

In September 2018, its first full-length album “Rebuilding the Future” was released on CD simultaneously in Brazil, Japan and Russia and also in all streaming platforms. This album was played, produced, recorded and mastered by Douglas Martins in his studio “AJM Studio” located in Americana – São Paulo, his hometown, from 2016 to 2018. The album artwork was fully created by Douglas Martins.

“Rebuilding the Future” caused a very positive impression, receiving praise and high ratings of the specialized press. Heavy Metal Rock and Misanthropic Records released the CD in Brazil; in Russia GS Productions and in Japan Invasion of Solitude Records (Japan Version had an alternative cover and OBI). After these releases many Brazilian headbangers and specialized media have come to consider “Rebuilding the Future” a classic in Brazilian Doom Metal history.

In June 2019, DEEP MEMORIES participated in a DVD compilation “Imperative Music Compilation Vol#16” alongside bands such as Belphegor, Vader and Suffocation.

“Rebuilding the Future” was re-released on 12-inch vinyl in February 2020 through the Brazilian labels Neves Records and Heavy Metal Rock with a limited print run of 300 copies including vinyl discs in black and blue with an exclusive cover and graphic art, developed by Douglas.

In September 2022 DEEP MEMORIES released on CD and on all streaming platforms their second album entitled “Why Do We Suffer?”. Just like its debut album, this new stuff was also played, produced, recorded and mastered by Douglas Martins “AJM Studio” from 2020 and 2022.

The album artwork was created by Iranian graphic artist (she/her) Agreen Paymazd and Douglas Martins. The cover illustrates the emotional charge generated by human suffering. This approach guided the entire theme of the lyrics surrounded by a high degree of introspection, leading us to reflect on the fragility of human existence when facing the challenges of life on planet earth.

With an above average heaviness and even more atmospheric incursions, this new album embodies the traditional styles of Doom and Death Metal but with a melodic and absolutely contemporary characteristics. The blackened air of Black Metal highlighted the songs, which also have gothic nuances, sometimes sounding like extreme progressive metal. In all, there are 7 songs totaling 41 minutes of recording.

A creative evolution can clearly be heard in “Why Do We Suffer?” songs. The compositions are more complex and captivating with aggressive vocals that quickly migrate to a beautiful melodic line of voices or to the melancholy coldness of gloomy narrations. Its recording and production are more organic and professional, with a special emphasis on guitars heaviness and duets and the ambience of the keyboards.

For “Why Do We Suffer?” album release, two lyric videos were developed for the songs “Please, do not close the Coffin!” and "Uncontrolled Cells Multiplication" both was created by Wanderley Perna from W Designer. A video clip for the title album song "Why Do We Suffer?" was recorded and directed by Claudio Cestare Jr. from Last Mosh Filmes. For the CD version release, Douglas Martins signed an exclusive contract with the Brazilian label Heavy Metal Rock.

In April, 2023 Douglas Martins invited great Brazilian musicians to joint DEEP MEMORIES live and they debuted alongside Moonspell (Portugal) and also performed in several Brazilian festivals during 2023.

Now in 2024 a tour in Brazilian cities are planned - So far, DEEP MEMORIES will play alongside HERETOIR (Germany), AMEN CORNER and other great extreme metal bands.

DEEP MEMORIES line up is: (from left fo right): Adriano Justino - Bass (Desdominus, Mortage, Warmoured, Ex. Brutal Hate), Douglas Martins - Guitar and Vocals (Ex. Desdominus), Rodrigo Pereira - Guitars, (Desdominus, Ex. Bloody) and Ney Paulino - Drums (Desdominus, Wtihbood).



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Americana, São Paulo - Brazil